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Re: dependencies for lazy make check

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: dependencies for lazy make check
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010 17:45:33 +0200
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* Peter Johansson wrote on Sun, Apr 04, 2010 at 05:05:38PM CEST:
> I've just upgraded one of my projects to automake 1.11 in order to
> use the parallel-tests driver. Both the manual [1] and the Ralf's
> post here [2] describes how to run the test suite lazily as
> ` make check RECHECK_LOGS='. My question is how it is determined
> which tests are run in this case.
> It seems like if `foo' is newer than `foo.log', foo will be re-run
> but is that the only dependency? I would like to fine tune these
> dependencies. For instance, I have a test `' which
> uses $(top_srcdir)/m4/yat.m4 and I want `' to be
> re-run when I've modified `m4/yat.m4'.

Then you should add a dependency
  yat_m4_test.log: m4/yat.m4

and for dependencies to work, you need to use TEST_EXTENSIONS as

> As I see it there are two reasons why I would like to include a test
> in a lazy 'make check' run. 1) Because the test itself has been
> modified either directly or if the test is compiled by the compiler.
> 2) Because any input file has changed, e.g., yat.m4 in my case or if
> the test is testing a script/program it is desired to depend on the
> script/program. In case 2) there is no need to update test itself
> but there is a need to update the .log file, i.e., to re-run the
> test.



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