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Re: Built-in target to delete all generated files

From: Russ Allbery
Subject: Re: Built-in target to delete all generated files
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 00:25:46 -0700
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Trevor Harmon <address@hidden> writes:
> On Apr 28, 2010, at 6:27 AM, Peter Johansson wrote:

>> Of note, GCS states that: "More generally, ‘make maintainer-clean’
>> should not delete anything that needs to exist in order to run
>> configure and then begin to build the program".

> Yes, but that rule of thumb is at odds with another rule of thumb:
> "Never commit generated files to a source code repository." And
> considering that "autoreconf -i" does a perfect job of regenerating all
> of the files I listed, I'm willing to break the GCS rule. Besides, I'm
> the only developer on this little project, so nobody will care but
> me. :)

Yeah, I've always ignored this part of the GCS for all of my projects.  I
don't think it makes a lot of sense.  If one doesn't want to remove the
generated files, that's what make distclean is for.

Although I must admit that now that I've switched to Git for everything,
I'm finding myself more and more just using git clean -x -f -d rather than
worrying about the maintainer-clean target.

Russ Allbery (address@hidden)             <>

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