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Re: Manual merges.

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: Manual merges.
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011 11:10:26 +0200
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On Friday 21 October 2011, Peter Rosin wrote:
> Hi Stefano,
> [SNIP various good objections]
> Should I perhaps file a bug that the ChangeLog file should be generated?
That would be a good idea in the long(ish) term.  In fact, I pesonally see
ChangeLogs as a relic of the pre-VCS era; they were surely VERY useful to
track regressions and bugs and backward-incompatibilites back then, but
today that we have the "real" project history in the VCS repo, and lots of
tools to view and analyze it, the ChangeLogs (as well as the GCS rules to
write them) are becoming more and more of a nuisance.
> > I'm not sure which of these three options (the one proposed by you
> > and the one proposed by me) would be preferable, and I must say I have
> > no real preference either.  So you choose (unless Someone Else wants
> > to chime in and override my advice ;-)
> I think my suggestion is the only one without drawbacks for the general
> case when manual merges are required.
Then go for it :-)


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