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Re: TAP support documentation

From: Alexis Praga
Subject: Re: TAP support documentation
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 23:14:01 +0100

>>                  $(top_srcdir)/build-aux/tap-**
>> TESTS = foo.test
>> check:
>>        @for i in $(TESTS); do \
>>          $(TAP_LOG_DRIVER) --test-name "$$i" \
>>             --log-file $$i.log --trs-file $$i.trs -- $$i;\
>>        done
>> Actually it's better to have a relative path, so TESTS = ./foo.test

>> Do you think this hack can be used without too much surprise ? Otherwise,
>> what do you recommand (upgrading is not an option) ?
> Does it work?  Did you verify with 'make distcheck'?  Why are you not able
> to update to Automake 1.12?

On simple examples, it works. However 'make distcheck' does not on my
project. I may post again on the mailing list as it's about Fortran
dependencies and seems complex (to me !).
Anyway, it is too much hassle for that and the default 'make check' will do.

I cannot update automake for I want to avoid to depend on a certain
version. And the code will have to compile on machines for normal users
(without admin rights).

Thank you for your time.

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