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Re: Non-recursive make with Fortran object files

From: Dave Goodell
Subject: Re: Non-recursive make with Fortran object files
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2012 14:06:26 -0600

On Dec 2, 2012, at 8:43 AM CST, Stefano Lattarini wrote:

> On 12/02/2012 12:19 PM, Alexis Praga wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am using non-recursive strategy for compiling my Fortran code. At the
>> moment, the .mod files are put in the top directory.
>> How can I tell automake to put them in the same folder as the source files
>> ?
> What are these .mod files exactly?  They are not generated by Automake,

They are somewhat similar to precompiled headers.  They are output as a 
byproduct of compiling a Fortran source file that contains a "MODULE" 
statement.  The name of the module file corresponds to the module name, not 
necessarily the source file name, much as compiling a Java ".java" file creates 
".class" files for each class contained in the source.  The difference is that 
there is still a ".o" output file with the object code generated.  However, the 
".mod" file content is compiler-specific, unlike a ".class" file, which 
contains a standardized bytecode format.

In short, another wonderful Fortran "feature". ;)


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