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Re: Non-recursive make with Fortran object files

From: Alexis Praga
Subject: Re: Non-recursive make with Fortran object files
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2012 10:46:22 +0100

Here is my answer. Sorry for not putting it into a separate mail.

>> Generating stuff only when "make install" is issued seems
>> Why are you doing this exactly?

I need to generate test scripts after the configure step, and I do not wish
to rebuild them each time the code is compiled, so install-exec-hook seemed
a good solution.

>> But Automake shouldn't clean scripts by default (as it is not unusual
>> they are not generated).  Is it cleaning them for you?  That would be
>> a bug.

Yes, there are cleaned. But as there are created by my custom hook, I think
automake remove them as there are seen as "created by automake".

Alexis Praga

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