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Re: deprecation warning

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: deprecation warning
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 18:04:53 +0100

On 12/11/2012 11:20 AM, Guillaume Rousse wrote:
> Hello list.
> I'm facing a painful issue with the deprecation of AM_PROG_MKDIR_P,
> causing a warning to be issued, because it seems to be indirectly
> called by gettext macros, and I don't understand how to fix it...
Future version of gettext (starting from 1.18.2, which is to be
released soon) will use AC_PROG_MKDIR_P rather than AM_PROG_MKDIR_P,
and the problem you're seeing will disappear once you upgrade to
those versions.

Also, note that Automake 1.13 will *not* yet remove AM_PROG_MKDIR_P
(precisely for the sake of "older" gettext versions), so the warning
can be ignored for now.  The removal of AM_PROG_MKDIR_P will only
take place in Automake 1.14.

> [SNIP]
> mkdir_p = @mkdir_p@
Actually, this code will still continue to work even after the
removal of AM_PROG_MKDIR_P.  You are still advised to use
$(MKDIR_P) rather than $(mkdir_p) in your code, but shouldn't
worry about third-party code as the above.

> So, what I am supposed to do there ?
Ignore the warning for now (at least, until you upgrade to Automake
1.13), but upgrade to gettext 1.18.2 as soon as it become available.


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