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Testing failure with new automake

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Testing failure with new automake
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2013 10:33:19 -0800
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a sharutils test.  I needed a large tree to archive into a split up
archive that I then unroll and validate.  What would be more convenient
than to create a temporary directory and archive all of
  cd ${top_builddir}
Worked like a charm.  It is huge and has to be split up and has
a mixture of binary and text files.  There's a new feature of
the automated testing stuff:

> diff -r /u/gnu/proj/sharutils-bld/sharutils-4.13.3/_build/tests/shar-3.log 
> shar-3.d/tests/shar-3.log
> 1d0
> < Only in 
> /u/gnu/proj/sharutils-bld/sharutils-4.13.3/_build/doc/sharutils.t2d/sharutils.t2d:
>  tex_help

It seems the build tree wiggles while the test runs, so the
"shar-3" test fails.

Is there some way to ensure that the build had been quiesced while
running the test, or is it necessary to rethink the test?

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