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From: Stefano Lattarini
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2013 19:47:08 +0100

On 02/07/2013 06:17 PM, Diego Elio Pettenò wrote:
> On 07/02/2013 16:18, Stefano Lattarini wrote:
>> (Side note: using AM_MAINTAINER_MODE these days is generally a bad idea
>> IMHO; we should find a way to deprecate its usage in documentation, and
>> eventually start warning at runtime if it is used -- and don't worry,
>> with *no* plans for a later removal!)
> I would argue that it would be nice to have AM_MAINTAINER_MODE([enable])
> as default (and that's what I'm going to suggest on my documentation.
So you want to allow users to disable maintainer-mode rules in every

> The reason is that while it makes total sense for developers and users
> alike, it's a pain for package maintainers, as sometimes timestamps end
> up mangled by patches, and we get unexpected maintainer-mode rebuilds...
Better risk an extra rebuild than to miss a required one IMVHO.  Or
understand why timestamps get mangled, and fix that problem instead of
its symptoms (i.e., unnecessary rebuilds, in this case).

> especially for source-based distribution like Gentoo, we have to be wary
> about maintainer mode as it would make different users end up with
> different versions of the build system...
I failed to understand what you're saying here, sorry.  Care to rephrase,
or give an example?


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