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What did AM_ ever do to you?

From: Kerrick Staley
Subject: What did AM_ ever do to you?
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 01:09:51 -0700

For unknown reasons, Automake seems to have decided to deprecate symbols of
the form AM_* in favor of symbols of the form AC_*. The suffix is the same,
the semantics are the same; the only difference is the one little
character. In light of this, I ask: What did AM_ ever do to you? What makes
you ostracize him, cast him out, leave him by the way, dispose of him as
one would a soiled rag? Imagine the poor tortured soul, his last remnants
slowly expunged from once-working's by so many bag-eyed, weary
developers, each no more eager at his task than his victim, all carrying
out a vicious crusade brought about by that proclamation, that damning
order from on-high: "Warning: The AM_* macro is deprecated, and will soon
be removed.". What has AM_ done to warrant this hell?

- Kerrick

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