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From: Martin Kalbfuß
Subject: Workflow
Date: Mon, 06 May 2013 21:10:47 +0200

Hi Guys,
I've created a new gtk+ project using autotools. Everything works fine.
But it isn't completely clear to me how to use it properly in my
development cycle.

I write/change code or data. Then I compile. If it compiles and links
properly, I run some automated tests and run the program to test it
manually. It's an gui application so automated tests are a bit
difficult. The last step is important. But that's exactly the problem.

I do ./configure --prefix=mydebugdir once.
Then I do make && make check. Here's the first Problem. My program needs
Data. So I pass in the data path with my CPPFLAGS. But that's the path
when installed. So I have to install my app first before I can test it.
I found installcheck. But it seems to be unused. I'm a bit confused. In
total I have to call

make && make check && make install && make installcheck &&
path_to_program/program && make uninstall

This is a lot for such a common thing. What I'm doing wrong here?


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