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Re: subscription issue

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: subscription issue
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2013 14:55:33 -0600
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Hello Rudra,

Rudra Banerjee wrote:
> I am a subscriber of this list, but there is no post delevered in my
> account. I also get a automake bounce notice, as 
> "Your membership in the mailing list Automake has been disabled due to
> excessive bounces ..."
> I tried to reply the mail as directed on the same day, but got:
> "- Results:
>     Invalid confirmation string.  Note that confirmation strings expire"
> Is it possible to delete my account and recreate it? I tried to delete,
> and failed.

In the future if you have questions concerning the mailing list
administration it is better to send your correspondence to the mailing
list owner.  Add "-owner" to the address.  In this case the mailing
list owner address is address@hidden and that will reach the
humans who administer the mailing lists.

If your account is being disabled due to too many bounces it means
that your mail server is bouncing messages from the mailing list.
Mailman has an algorithm that it uses to determine if the account is
alive or dead.  One bounce every now and again won't unsubscribe you.
But if are more bounces than the threshold then it thinks that your
account is no longer alive and disables the address.

You can always unsubscribe and subscribe yourself at any time.  But if
email is bouncing then that will be the problem because you won't be
able to answer the confirmation messages.

Since this discussion won't be of interest to the members here I will
take the discussion offline and try to work toward a resolution.


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