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[solved] Re: error in distcheck caused by Info files modification time

From: Marco Maggi
Subject: [solved] Re: error in distcheck caused by Info files modification time
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 09:06:45 +0200

Marco Maggi wrote:
>   AFAICT with  almost all of  my packages: when running  "distcheck" the
> documentation is  built only in  PDF format,  not Info format;  the Info
> files are already present in the distribution archive.
> the problem seems  to be that the  Info files from the  dist archive are
> extracted  with last  modification time  older than  their corresponding
> Texinfo files  from the dist archive;  this causes the Info  files to be
> rebuilt, which fails because the "doc" directory has permissions 0550.

Fixed, the problem  is not in Automake.  This is  what happened: I stick
with "makeinfo" version 4.x, for  development, because it is faster than
"makeinfo" version  5.x; but I  started building with version  5.x, from
time to time, to check for compatibility.

  When I do it: I build  the .info files under $(builddir)/doc, by hand,
and $(builddir) is not $(srcdir); I  forgot to clean up those files, and
it appears "distcheck"  was picking them to be included  in the archive,
even though they were stale with respect to the .texi sources.  Removing
the .info files from $(builddir)/doc fixed the problem.

  Sorry for the noise on this list.
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