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Re: Can't include SQLite libs in compile

From: Thomas Jahns
Subject: Re: Can't include SQLite libs in compile
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 22:36:30 +0100


On Dec 18, 2013, at 22:26 , Jordan H. wrote:
Thanks but I'm still getting the same error.

can you provide the result of the following commands to get a better idea of what's going wrong:

$ grep SQLITE_ config.log
$ grep program_CFLAGS Makefile

after running configure?
   m4_define(SQLITE_REQUIRED_VERSION, 3.0)

That should be without the $ sign. M4 macros don't require any special symbols for expansion. Also better quote the definition for the sake of consistency like this:

m4_define([SQLITE_REQUIRED_VERSION], [3.0])

I get through ./configure all right.

   program_CFLAGS += @SQLITE_CFLAGS@
   program_LDADD += @SQLITE_LIBS@

If I forced the package finding by using pkg-config (which I've heard is
a no-no with automake)...

   program_CFLAGS += `pkg-config --cflags sqlite3`
   program_LDFLAGS = `pkg-config --libs sqlite3`

...the program compiles just fine.

your manual commands probe for sqlite3 but the ones generated from PKG_CHECK_MODULES will probe for sqlite. I notice on my system there's both .pc files. Have you checked with .pc files are found for sqlite and sqlite3?

Regards, Thomas
Thomas Jahns
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