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Re: Problems with gnits standard and git-version-gen

From: Nate Bargmann
Subject: Re: Problems with gnits standard and git-version-gen
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2014 06:32:02 -0600
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Some advice I received from a Debian developer (packager) was that it
works better when upstream projects refrain from using the hyphen '-' in
their version string.  The packaging software will consider "1.0-rc1" to
be more recent than "1.0" as the packaging system appends '-*' to the
end of the upstream version to denote the Debian version.  As I
understand it, the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) does (has done?) the

The solution is for upstream to use the tilde '~' instead so "1.0~rc1"
is evaluated as older than "1.0".

I follow this rule in the version string I give AC_INIT on my projects
and do nothing else with the version string in Autotools.  So far it has
worked very well.

- Nate


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