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Re: stripping directory component from installation file pathname

From: Marco Maggi
Subject: Re: stripping directory component from installation file pathname
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 12:49:15 +0100

Ralf Corsepius wrote:

> On 02/24/2014 11:13 AM, Marco Maggi wrote:
>> Ralf Corsepius wrote:
>>> Do I understand correctly, your issue is installation dirs?
>>> In that case you can try to use a separate installation-dir
>>> variable. something along the lines of:
>>> mystuffdir =$(datadir)/stuff
>>> datadir_stuff_DATA = lib/stuff/alpha.fasl
>> No.  What I have now is:

>>     bundledlibsdir = $(libdir)/vicare-scheme
>>     nobase_nodist_bundledlibs_DATA = \
>>        lib/stuff/alpha.fasl \
>>        lib/stuff/beta.fasl

>> and the fasl files are installed as:

>>     /usr/local/lib64/vicare-scheme/lib/stuff/alpha.fasl
>>     /usr/local/lib64/vicare-scheme/lib/stuff/beta.fasl

>> I  do not  want the  "lib" component,  I want  the installed
>> files to be:

>>     /usr/local/lib64/vicare-scheme/stuff/alpha.fasl
>>     /usr/local/lib64/vicare-scheme/stuff/beta.fasl

> Sorry, there was an ugly typo in my example.

> Let me try to rebase it on your usecase:

> stuffdir =  $(libdir)/vicare-scheme/stuff
> stuff_DATA = \
>     lib/stuff/alpha.fasl \
>     lib/stuff/beta.fasl

Yes,  if I  define one  set of  makefile variables  for each
subdirectory it  works, and  I understand  that this  is the
model  Automake proposes;  the  problem is  that  I have  84
subdirectories  right now,  and there  will be  more in  the
future.  So,  before coding  an autogeneration of  all these
makefile stuff,  I wanted to  look for a simple  solution: I
just  want  to  strip  the string  prefix  "lib/"  from  the
installation pathnames.
Marco Maggi

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