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automake needs a new maintainer

From: Karl Berry
Subject: automake needs a new maintainer
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2014 00:12:19 GMT

Hello Automake folks,

The last Automake release was not that long ago (December 2013), but
Stefano (Lattarini) has mentioned that his time for Automake has become
extremely limited; likewise with the other two current maintainers, Ralf
Wildenhues and Jim Meyering.

So we're hoping that some experienced Automake person would like to come
forward and become the new active maintainer -- dealing with bug
reports, pushing new releases, and so on.  (I say "experienced" because
Automake is not the place for a new developer to start learning.)

The present need is not to rewrite Automake into some new-generation
thing, or otherwise undertake intensive new development.  Rather, just
continue to keep the existing package in a good shape.  Of course, new
work is welcome, but as everyone here surely now, compatibility must be
an overriding concern when it comes to Automake.

There is some general information about maintaining GNU packages at -- written in the
context of a new package being offered to GNU, but most of it is
relevant to anyone interested in maintaining a package.

If you're interested, please write address@hidden, and thanks.


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