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The 'subdir-object' option breaks makefiles where foo_SOURCES contains $

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: The 'subdir-object' option breaks makefiles where foo_SOURCES contains $(var)
Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2015 17:28:10 +0100

retitle 13928 foo_SOURCES containing unexpanded $(var) breaks with 
'subdir-object' option active


Hi Johan and everybody, sorry for the awful delay.

On 07/05/2014 07:59 PM, Johan Kristensen wrote:

What is the current status of this bug?


I'm trying a simple approach (which seems quite promising so far)
in the experimental Git branch experimental/deps-pr13928-take-2.

The new code seems to work with the following make versions:

  - GNU
  - NetBSD 5.1
  - FreeBSD 8.0
  - Solaris 10
  - AIX 7.1

Notice that the new code will not land in Automake 1.15 (that I
hope to be able to release in less than a week, as soon as my
new GPG key is accepted by address@hidden).  But unless any
unanticipated issue arises, I definitely want the fix to land
in Automake 1.16 (and the fix for this bug alone would IMHO be
enough to justify a new minor release).


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