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relative source file path vs. subversion branching

From: Holger Birkmeyer (ng4T)
Subject: relative source file path vs. subversion branching
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 11:43:25 +0100
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Dear all,

I cannot figure out, what the best way is to get rid of relative paths
in my

Within our svn project structure we have multiple projects (A, B, C...)
using common files from a COMM_include project. Those files are
referenced with a relative path in (see below)

libcommmapmsc_la_SOURCES = \
    hlr_ussdmenu.cpp      \

Now, when the location of project A changes due to subversion branching,
the relative paths are not correct anymore.

I have tried to replace the relative paths with a global variable $(TOP)
I have set in with the help of AC_SUBST and pwd and sed.
However, that led to numerous other problems in the context of
dependency tracking. One of those was, that configure did create the
.Plo files in a directory called "src/$(TOP)/COMM_include/...." without
substituting $(TOP). This would create the .Plo files in the wrong place
leading to a failure of the Make process later.

To make a long story short: My question is: Is my approach to reference
common files with relative paths the wrong approach?


Holger Birkmeyer
fon: +49-30-652185-95
fax: +49-30-652185-31

ng4T GmbH
Siemensdamm 50
13629 Berlin

Berlin-Charlottenburg, HRB 123546
Geschäftsführer Dr. Andreas Kallmann

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