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Re: How to use ld options correctly for --whole-archive in automake and

From: Vincent Torri
Subject: Re: How to use ld options correctly for --whole-archive in automake and libtool
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 18:43:34 +0100

On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 6:28 PM, Andy Falanga (afalanga)
<address@hidden> wrote:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Thomas Jahns [mailto:address@hidden
>> Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2015 5:45 PM
>> To: Andy Falanga (afalanga)
>> Cc: address@hidden
>> Subject: Re: How to use ld options correctly for --whole-archive in
>> automake and libtool
>> This is, from my point of view not so much an automake issue but a
>> libtool problem: libtool for some reason I don't know decided to make -
>> Wl, be the prefix for options to be passed to libtool when it's also
>> the prefix for gcc and various other compilers (which serve as link
>> editor frontend) for options to pass to the linker and then decides
>> later to pass this on to the linker program (CC/CXX/whatever). These
>> "options" are then re-ordered with respect to non-options (like
>> your .a files) which makes it difficult to pass them in the correct
> For this very reason, I decided to subscribe to libtool's mailing list
> also and ask the same question there.  As yet, however, I've received no
> responses.  Since the tools worked together, it still made sense to ask
> here as well.
>> position. You might be able to work around this with judicious use of
>> extra -Wl, prefixes like this:
>> sata_la_LIBADD = -Wl,-Wl,,--whole-archive,../Shared/HwMgmt/.libs/
>> libhwmgmt.a,../Shared/Misc/.libs/libmisc.a,.libs/libsata.a,-Wl,,--no-
>> whole-archive -lz -lrt
> A very interesting suggestion.  I shall have to try this.  I found
> something similar, after the many, many searches I've done with
> Google.  It didn't have this many uses of "-Wl," though so that is
> quite interesting.
>> But what exactly is the problem with using e.g. ../Shared/HwMgmt/
>> That will then require libtool
>> should be able to set's rpath such that will be
>> found at runtime.

I would also use $(top_builddir) instead of relative path. It could
help when building in another directory than the source one (like with
make distcheck)

Vincent Torri

> This is a good question.  I have been asking myself the same thing.
> Using these tools opens up a newer deployment method than we've used
> to this point.  I do still have to answer a question of how I shall
> statically link with other libraries, most notably Boost.  The systems
> we deploy to will either not have these libraries altogether or they
> have such woefully out of date versions that statically linking with
> these other libraries is the only option.  How would I ensure I statically
> link with these libraries using the automake process?

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