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Trouble creating a check program in automake

From: Arthur Schwarz
Subject: Trouble creating a check program in automake
Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2015 14:07:50 -0800

I'm trying to learn automake (Autotools by John Calcotte) and am stumped on
creating a check program to test my C++ library. A partial listing of the
program is given below. The example in the text shows creation of a test
program using a shell script testing the output of the test program. I have
a program, linked to the library, which when executed tests the library
functionality. Do I have to create the test program using noinst and then
execute using a shell script? Any scripting examples or references to
examples would help.


The errors are:
    src/ warning: variable 'check_SOURCES' is defined but no
program or
    src/ library has 'check' as canonical name (possible
# Partial automake script listing
# Create a library
    lib_LIBRARIES      = libslip.a
    libslip_a_SOURCES  = $(sources) $(privateHeaders)
# Header files for testing SLIP
    testHead=TestGlobal.h TestHeader.hp TestIO.h TestMisc.h TestOperators.h
TestReader.h TestReplace.h TestSequencer.h TestUtilities.h
# Source files for testing SLIP
    testCPP=Test.cpp TestGlobal.cpp TestHeader.cpp TestIO.cpp TestMisc.cpp
TestOperators.cpp TestReader.cpp TestReplace.cpp TestSequencer.cpp
# Test Program: Errors flagged here
    check_PROGRAMS   = Test
    check_SOURCES    = $(testHead) $(testCPP)
    TESTS            = $(check_PROGRAMS)


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