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How to add new Makefile-Rules through Configure?

From: Marc Wäckerlin
Subject: How to add new Makefile-Rules through Configure?
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2015 23:29:40 +0100
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I didn't find any proper solution with google for the following problem:

How do the makefile rules come into the makefile?

E.g. when I use AC_PROG_CXX, in the makefile rules should be added, such as compiling .o from .cxx and to cleanup .o files, and so on - or ar these rules always there?

I would like to add something to, that creates new rules, new cleanup files, etc.

e.g. for adding Qt support (or support for any other code generating tool):

uic creates uic_%.h files from %.ui and the derieved uic_%.h files should then be cleaned up with "make clean"

I found the following "hack" as solution:

In ax_check_qt.m4 that I include in, I add:
%_ui.hxx: %.ui
        ${UIC} -o address@hidden $<

moc_%.cxx: %.hxx
        ${MOC} -o address@hidden $<'

In the makefile, automake copies the variable, but is unable to handle the multi-line content, so the rules go straight into the makefile:
%_ui.hxx: %.ui
        ${UIC} -o $@ $<

moc_%.cxx: %.hxx
        ${MOC} -o $@ $<

So, it works, but it is a dirty hack, and it doesnot resolve the problem of adding the derieved objects to CLEANFILES.

All ui-files in xxx_SOURCES should automatically add ui_xxx.hxx to the CLEANFILES, so:
bin_PROGRAMS = cardgui
cardgui_SOURCES = cardgui.cxx cardgui.hxx \
                  password.hxx cardgui-model.hxx \
                  cardgui.ui password.ui
Should generate "CLEANFILES += ui_cardgui.hxx ui_password.hxx". How can I achieve this?

Any ideas? What would be the intended solution?

If you need a working example:

I use this approach in my project
an m4 include file is in
and used in

Thank you
Marc Wäckerlin

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