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Re: Question on --test-name=NAME

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Re: Question on --test-name=NAME
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2015 17:02:39 +0100

On 26 April 2015 at 16:30, Arthur Schwarz <address@hidden> wrote:
> Command-line arguments for test drivers
>    --test-name=NAME
>        The name of the test, with VPATH prefix (if any) removed. This can
> have a suffix and a directory component (as in e.g., sub/foo.test), and is
> mostly meant to be used in console reports about testsuite advancements and
> results (see Testsuite progress output).
> If test-name is _mostly meant to be used in console reports_ why is there
> any concern for a path? One can use any string in a report, paths are
> unnecessary, and you haven't specified any other use.
> So let me guess what you might be trying to say. From 15.3.1 Overview of
> Custom Test Drivers Support it appears that the test handler (responsible
> for test suite summaries and I suspect for executing test drivers) executes
> the _custom test driver_ which executes a test program, which must be a
> _test script_. The test script usage is directly contradicted in 15.3.2
> Declaring Custom Test Drivers where _ext_ may or may not be a script suffix,
> but whose counting.
> The _custom test driver_ is responsible for interpreting command line
> arguments. One assumption is that when this argument is received the _custom
> test driver_ executes the NAME given in the command line argument. Of
> course, if this were true then it is possible to input a NAME which is not
> one of the known tests given by the developer. I don't know that this makes
> much sense, to execute a random script not defined by the developer.

After the list of options it says:

"The first non-option argument passed to the test driver is the program
to be run, and all the following ones are command-line options and
arguments for this program."

By "program" it means test script.

Maybe this could be clearer with a synopsis, like "DRIVER
DRIVER-OPTIONS -- TEST [TEST-OPTIONS]". It could be more explicit that
the test driver has to run the program it is given: maybe

"The first non-option argument passed to the test driver is the test
script for it to run".

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