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Re: How do you set VERBOSE for parallel testin

From: Peter Johansson
Subject: Re: How do you set VERBOSE for parallel testin
Date: Thu, 14 May 2015 09:31:15 +1000
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On 05/14/2015 01:20 AM, Arthur Schwarz wrote:
My question is is this the only way to use VERBOSE? The Automake Manual seems to say that VERBOSE is a variable, not a make argument. And, as a variable, if the user (you) can change it's value then the appropriate way to do it is either: env VERBOSE=1 make -e check or VERBOSE=1; export VERBOSE; make -e check

well I use GNU make for which 'make VERBOSE=1' works as well.

Have you tried "make check -j8 VERBOSE"? If this works then it means that
the existence of VERBOSE is sufficient to turn the option on. This is a
possible interpretation of 15.2.3 Parallel Test Harness "If the variable
'VERBOSE' is set, this file is output after the summary."

And as a simple question, why are you using "make -j8"? Shouldn't this be
part of the automake generated test code?

The short answer is because I wanna use 8 cpus. There is no sensible way Automake can know how many cpus I wanna use.

Parallel here means that the tests will run in parallel. The old serial test-suite had a rule with something like this

check: all
  for t in $(TESTS); do $(SHELL) $$t; done

which is not parallel and the run command $(SHELL) $$t depended on the labguage etc; can't remember the details.


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