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What is a 'program' in Section

From: Arthur Schwarz
Subject: What is a 'program' in Section
Date: Wed, 27 May 2015 09:03:25 -0700 Command-line arguments for test drivers

"The first non-option argument passed to the test driver is the program to
be run, and all the following ones are command-line options and arguments
for this program."

A few minor questions:
1: What is "the program to be run"?
2: What are the "arguments for this program"?
3: What is the format of the command line executing a custom driver?

I am looking at the and guessing what some of this means. I
have absolutely no idea that my guesses make sense, but:
1: Are the programs check/recheck from make check, make recheck
2: Are the arguments the [AM_]_LOG_DRIVER_FLAGS driver options?
3: Is the format of the command line: 
    driver custom_driver_options [AM_]_LOG_DRIVER_FLAGS check|recheck

And, based on these guesses, there is no "program to be run" and there are
no "arguments for this program".

Could someone clarify this?

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