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回复: Re: why forbidding "include" a with absolute path

From: 远猷
Subject: 回复: Re: why forbidding "include" a with absolute path
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2015 08:16:27 +0800

thanks for your reply!

but why forbidding “include” a with absolute path?

 Bowler<address@hidden>日 期:2015年06月30日 01:05:39收件人:赵峰(远猷)<address@hidden>抄 
送:automake<address@hidden>主 题:Re: why forbidding "include" a 
with absolute pathOn 2015-06-29 22:33 +0800, 赵峰(远猷) wrote:
> I find the following code in automake.
> >my $PATH_PATTERN = '(\w|[+/.-])+';
> ># This will pass through anything not of the prescribed form.
> >my $INCLUDE_PATTERN = ('^include\s+'
> >                       . '((\$\(top_srcdir\)/' . $PATH_PATTERN . ')'
> >                       . '|(\$\(srcdir\)/' . $PATH_PATTERN . ')'
> >                       . '|([^/\$]' . $PATH_PATTERN . '))\s*(#.*)?' . "\$");
> but why need forbidding "include" sub-makefile.ams with absolute path
> by the last line?  In my, i need to include another
> sub-makefile from the path in a variable(ANOTHER_PJ_DIR) declared with
> > include @address@hidden
> the ANOTHER_PJ_DIR contains an absolute path of another project, but
> the include does't parsed by automake.How can i do it?thx!
> miles.zhaof

Configure substitutions (AC_SUBST) cannot work because Automake includes
are expanded only once, when Automake is run.

The generated file (which gets processed by configure) does
not contain the include commands at all.

Nick Bowler, Elliptic Technologies (

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