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Re: include verbatim or (escape %D%) possible?

From: Bob Friesenhahn
Subject: Re: include verbatim or (escape %D%) possible?
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2015 09:11:34 -0500 (CDT)
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On Fri, 24 Jul 2015, Thomas Martitz wrote:

So what I'm asking is: Can I somehow raw/verbatim include into plugin1/ so that %D% refers to plugin1? Or is there some way to escape %D% once? Or is there another way to have README refer to the plugin1/README file by using the convinience .mk file?

Given that everything ends up in one Makefile, I don't think that including any given .mk file more than once is going to work at all. The strategy of incuding common .mk files into a per-directory Makefile is to support recursive build schemes.

Nothing prevents from using a script which builds specialized .mk files for each subdirectory. A template file can be used with substitutions performed on it to localize it for the subdirectory. If there are a great many similar subdirectories, the same script can write a .mk file with include statements to also include the many subdirectory fragments.

When I converted my project to be non-recursive, it was before Automake included any special support for includes in non-recursive builds. I hard-coded the sub-directory offset inside each included .mk file via a definition and then built all needed definitions based on that. I did not even trust += syntax (due to lack of control over order) so everything is explicit. This was ok since there were not hundreds of subdirectories.

Bob Friesenhahn
GraphicsMagick Maintainer,

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