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Re: Are there shell equivalents to PREFIX etc.?

From: Andy Falanga (afalanga)
Subject: Re: Are there shell equivalents to PREFIX etc.?
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 19:27:18 +0000

On 03/28/2016 02:49 PM, Nick Bowler wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> (Note that your mailer seems to have completely mangled all whitespace,
> particularly the newlines, in your make snippet.  This makes it very
> hard to read.  I have tried to manually correct it in the quoted text).
> I suspect your immediate problem is simply that your rules are not
> respecting ${DESTDIR}.  See the Automake manual, section 12.4 "Staged
> Installs"[1].  The RPM packager is almost certainly using this feature,
> so you need to support it.  "make distcheck" tries to check that your
> package properly supports this function, and probably would have caught
> this issue.

This was indeed the problem.  Until now, I didn't realize that DESTDIR 
was an autotools "thing".  I saw its use in the process used by this 
team (predates my introduction), but thought it was a "tribal knowledge" 
application.  I now recall reading about DESTDIR when I first schooled 
myself on Autotools, but since I hadn't used it before now, it was 
subtly disregarded.

Thank you much for this information.


P.S. thanks for the note on my mailer.  I'm using Thunderbird and will 
look into fixing this.

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