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recursive automake w/o recursive autoconf?

From: Jay K
Subject: recursive automake w/o recursive autoconf?
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2016 07:55:11 +0000

I have a system with a bunch of libraries and programs.

I want one little autoconf at the top:
 E.g. how to compile C.

 I would prefer to compose via SUBDIRS= instead of include,
 as it feels higher level, but not a big deal.

 I would prefer non recursive make for performance and parallelism, but
 this isn't currently crucial.

 I do not want each to list a full path from the root,
 but instead just a leaf path.

 That is, I want the's to look like they do when you
 use recursive (nested) autoconf) and recursive automake.

 The only way I've found to avoid the nested autoconf though, includes
 a nonrecursive automake, where the included automake snippets have to
 use paths from the root, and where $(srcdir) is always the root.

i.e. here:

bin_PROGRAMS += todo
todo_SOURCES = prog/

todo_LDADD = libtodo.a

I would rather say:

bin_PROGRAMS += todo
todo_SOURCES =

todo_LDADD = ../lib/libtodo.a

Ideally the list of directories is one place.


Thank you, 
  - Jay


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