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Integrating flexc++(1) and bisonc++(1) into

From: Kip Warner
Subject: Integrating flexc++(1) and bisonc++(1) into
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2017 21:13:25 -0700

Hey list,

I'm aware autoconf has M4 macros for traditional GNU flex(1) and
bison(1) implementations of POSIX lex(1) and yacc(1) respectively. I'm
also aware the manual contains information for integrating the two into
a typical autotool'd build environment.

My challenge is replicating their functionality for flexc++(1) and
bisonc++(1) in the absense of macros to make their usage easier in
Automake. These are C++ generators for a lexer and parser, analogous to
their C counterparts. Some of the available tutorials online contradict
some of the recommendations of the Autoconf / Automake documentation,
so I figured I'd ask the gurus.

What I am trying to accomplish is have run the two tools on
their two respective inputs and generate their source as part of the
build process of the rest of my project. This is normally done
externally like so:

    $ flexc++ Lexer.lpp
    (produces LexerBase.h, Lexer.h, Lexer.ih, and LexerBase.cpp)

    $ bisonc++ Parser.ypp
    (produces ParserBase.h, Parser.h, Parser.ih, and Parser.cpp)

    $ g++ Parser.cpp LexerBase.cpp Main.cpp -o MyProgram

All of the generated files I consider derived for the purpose of my
project and I don't mind if the 'clean' target removes them. I figured
as I refine my grammar rules, the lexer and parser code will change a
lot anyways.

In trying to integrate the two tools into my build environment, I've
attempted the following in


      Source/LexerBase.h \
      Source/Lexer.h \
      Source/Lexer.ih \
      Source/LexerBase.cpp \
      Source/ParserBase.h \
      Source/Parser.h \
      Source/Parser.ih \

    myprogram_SOURCES = \
      ... \
      Source/LexerBase.cpp \


    EXTRA_DIST = \
      ... \
      Source/Lexer.lpp \


    # Generate lexer source from regular expression token descriptions via 
    Source/LexerBase.cpp: Source/LogicLexer.lpp
            $(FLEXCPP) --target-directory=$(top_builddir)/Source $< ; \
            $(SED) -i '/#include "Lexer.ih"/a #include "ParserBase.h" \/\/ 
Token declarations...' $(top_builddir)/Source/LexerBase.cpp

    # Generate parser source from Backus-Naur grammar rules via bisonc++...
    Source/Parser.cpp: Source/Parser.ypp
            $(BISONCPP) --target-directory=$(top_builddir)/Source $<

FLEXCPP and BISONCPP are obtained via AC_PATH_PROG in

This all works ok, but I suspect this is not an elegant solution and
there are some very good suggestions from this mailing list.

Yours truly,

Kip Warner | Senior Software Engineer
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