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Re: _SOURCES files in sub-directories lead to make distdir failure

From: Václav Haisman
Subject: Re: _SOURCES files in sub-directories lead to make distdir failure
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2018 17:01:12 +0100

On 24 January 2018 at 16:26, netfab <address@hidden> wrote:
> Le 24/01/18 à 09:09, Nick Bowler a tapoté :
>> Since you are hitting this problem now, you have probably only been
>> testing in-tree builds until this moment.
> In fact, no. Since the beginning I'm using a separate build directory.
> But I did not test distcheck since I've added these lib subdirectories
> and subdir-objects feature.
> Basically, from a self-written makefile, I'm doing this at each
> build :
>> cd $(build_dir) && $(top_srcdir)/configure
>> Unfortunately your provided snippets are not complete working code,
>> and I expect the error involves part of the code you have not shown
>> us.
> If you want to see the entire stuff, everything is available at :
> If you want to quickly test after clone :
>>       cd tools/ && make autoreconf_it configure_it distcheck_it
> But you may need some dependencies installed to pass the configure
> phase. The lib we are talking about is src/lib/dbus/.
> Thanks.

Looking at your, I would suggest to change it a bit and
avoid SUBDIRS entirely, if you can. See and as
examples of how to build libraries with sources in sub-directoris
without using SUBDIRS. It improves build parallelism.


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