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[GSOC] Proposal for "Modularize Automake to improve the test-suite perfo

From: Matthias Paulmier
Subject: [GSOC] Proposal for "Modularize Automake to improve the test-suite performance"
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2018 19:21:46 +0100
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I am candidating for the project "Modularize Automake to improve the
test-suite performance"

As you may have noticed, this is my second proposal for the GSoC to the
Automake project. You may have also noticed that 2 other persons are
interested in this other project. This is why I have decided, after
speaking with Mathieu Lirzin, that it would be a wise idea to candidate
to other projects or project ideas. The goal of the summer of code is
not to have a race with other candidates. As Mathieu told me, there may
be multiple students working for Automake under his mentorship.

You will find my proposal for this subject here : Please give me
feedbacks on this proposal. I am conscious it is bit lackey as I have
thought more about the previous one (for example I don't know what to
add to the deliverables).

I have been advised to look at other projects but as I said, I didn't
find much interest in other projects either because of technical or
philosophical aspects. I will however take a second look at other
projects from GNU as there has been new idea submissions since I
candidated here and if I find interesting projects I will likely make a
proposal tonight (CET) or tomorrow and keep you informed.

Matthias Paulmier

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