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Re: PTHREAD_CFLAGS provided by AX_PTHREAD where best to be attached?

From: Basin Ilya
Subject: Re: PTHREAD_CFLAGS provided by AX_PTHREAD where best to be attached?
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2018 21:07:39 +0300
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Interesting. I'm using AX_PTHREAD and I never thought of that.
Searching web shows that apr-util, though not using autoconf, prints this 
during configure:

  adding "-pthread" to CFLAGS

So maybe AX_PTHREAD is doing wrong. Would it harm, if -pthread was added to 
both variables? Doesn't seem so.

12.07.2018 18:51, Dudziak Krzysztof пишет:
> Hi,
> For makefiles which build piece of software in two separate steps: 
> compilation then linking,
> will it be better to attach  PTHREAD_CFLAGS to higher-level_CPPFLAGS than to 
> higher-level_CFLAGS variable?
> Autotools along with libtool are used here, user-level variables (CFLAGS, 
> CPPFLAGS) are not manipulated through whole build chain.
> I can manipulate variables only at -level.
> I learned gcc expects -pthread option which translates among others to some 
> preprocessor define,
> therefore I wonder if it won't be better to attach PTHREAD_CFLAGS to 
> higher-level_CPPFLAGS rather than
> to higher-level_CFLAGS.
> Regarding PTHREAD_CFLAGS the AC_PTHREAD manual talks about CFLAGS, not about 
> I guess attaching to ..._CFLAGS would be fine if building is made in one 
> single step.
> Thanks
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