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Re: How to prevent distribution of `texinfo.tex`

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: How to prevent distribution of `texinfo.tex`
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2021 16:58:45 -0600

    Would it make sense only to include this file if a _TEXINFOS variable
    e.g. info_TEXINFOS is set in

It sounds sensible, although I admit trying to discern whether any
_TEXINFOS var is set anywhere in the source tree is something I've never
looked into. So it's nothing I'm going to be implementing in the
foreseeable future.

I can also imagine unlikely scenarios where one would want texinfo.tex
even without a Texinfo manual. Thus having an option to explicitly
texinfo.tex (or any other autodist file), as Werner suggested, sounds
like a better approach to me.

By the way, another possibility would be to change automake
--add-missing: allow a secondary option to specify files not to be
copied that otherwise would be. Personally I find --add-missing awfully
mysterious, anyway. Copy some arbitrary set of files from some unknown
set of places, possibly (or not) overwriting what's present in the
source? No thanks. And there is no --dry-run option so it's possible to
know what will be done. A patch to improve that situation would be
welcome. --thanks, karl.

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