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Re: Automake testsuite misuses DejaGnu

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: Re: Automake testsuite misuses DejaGnu
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 17:53:51 -0500
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Karl Berry wrote:
DejaGnu has always required a DejaGnu testsuite to be rooted at a "testsuite" directory

If something was stated in the documentation, but not enforced by the
code, hardly surprising that "non-conformance" is widespread.

It is not widespread -- all of the toolchain packages correctly place their testsuites in testsuite/ directories. As far as I know, the Automake tests are the only outlier.

Anyway, it seems like an unfriendly requirement for users. And even more
to incompatibly enforce something now that has not been enforced for
previous decades. Why? (Just wondering.) -k

Previous versions of DejaGnu did not properly handle non-recursive make with Automake-produced makefiles. Beginning with 1.6.3, the testsuite is allowed to be in ${srcdir}/testsuite instead of ${srcdir} exactly. Enforcing the long-documented (and mostly followed) requirement that there be a directory named "testsuite" containing the testsuite allows DejaGnu to resolve the ambiguity and determine if it has been invoked at package top-level or in the testsuite/ directory directly.

Even in 1.6.3, there was intent to continue to allow the broken cases to work with a warning, but I made the conditional for that case too narrow (oops!) and some of the Automake test cases fail as a result. Fixing this now is appropriate because no one is going to see the future deprecation warnings due to the way Automake tests are run.

-- Jacob

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