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Re: How to speed up 'automake'

From: Markus Elfring
Subject: Re: How to speed up 'automake'
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2022 10:33:39 +0200
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> That is why I am looking at speeding up the Autotools steps.
> When I run this command, I get the following trace:
> time automake --verbose --warnings=all --add-missing --copy
> automake: thread 0: creating
> real    0m0,684s
> user    0m0,621s
> sys    0m0,085s
> It takes almost 0.7 seconds to generate the makefile

The manual is providing the following information.


       Generate for configure from

> for a rather small project: around 50 .c and .cpp files, some of them in a 
> library, no libtool or anything fancy. Larger projects take longer.

I suggest to take further looks at corresponding software run time 

Can the command parameter “--verbose” (and tracing) be omitted for other 
program executions?

> Is there a way to speed 'automake' up?

Some software design possibilities might still be applicable.

How many efforts would you like to invest for desirable improvements?


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