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[avr-chat] How to connect the AVRISP mkII to the chip?

From: joe
Subject: [avr-chat] How to connect the AVRISP mkII to the chip?
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 09:17:25 -0600

I'm making some progress, but I'm stuck again.  The good news: I found
good instructions for building avrdude to work with this programmer (I
had already built avrdude, but hadn't realized the need for libusb, so
would have been facing frustration).   For the record, these handy
instructions are at the Arduino site: 

The bad news: I can't find anything that explains how to hook the ISP
up to the ATmega48.  The ISP came with a CD-ROM full of documentation,
but seems to be lacking this important bit.  The documentation for the
AVRISP mkII begins at <tools/programmer/avrispmkii/index.html>.  But
this is just an introductory page; for "complete documentation" they
simply point to the AVR Studio docs, which do have a link to the AVRISP
mkII -- but it leads right back to the same introductory page we just

The handy Arduino page above doesn't help either, because they're
assuming a board with an ISP port already wired up.

I looked in the ATmega48 datasheet, and found a chapter on programming,
but it seems to be describing what the ISP will be doing for me:
individually setting lines high and low at various times, executing
machine instructions, etc.  I don't think that's what I'm looking for.

Surely somewhere there is a diagram or table showing how the six pins
on the ISP cable map up to some six pins on the ATmega48... can anyone
give me a clue?

- Joe

Joe Strout -- address@hidden
Strout Custom Solutions

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