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[avr-chat] avr-gdb_emacs_in windows xp?

From: Glen Jackson
Subject: [avr-chat] avr-gdb_emacs_in windows xp?
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 14:33:37 +0800
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Hello list,

I don't know where to ask for help with my problem of emacs and
avr-gdb. Forgive me i have sent it to a wrong mailist.

I use Emacs in windows OS.I want to use emacs and avr-gdb to debug my
program of avr.But there is a problem i can't solve. Below is some
part of my Makefile
# Set the DEBUG_UI to either gdb or insight.
DEBUG_UI = gdb # DEBUG_UI = insight

# Set the debugging back-end to either avarice, simulavr.
# DEBUG_BACKEND = avarice
 DEBUG_BACKEND = simulavr

When i run "make debug" in the shell of Emacs, it runs two "Windows
XP's shell"(cmd in windows xp,not in emacs's shell).But i want to use
avr-gdb in emacs's shell.(you know windows's shell not so good) So if
I want to use avr-gdb,i have to come into emacs's one shell:
  $simulavr--device atmega16 --gdbserver
another emacs'shell:
  $avr-gdb my_program.elf
  $target remote localhost:1212

How can i rewrite my Makefile to run avr-gdb in the shell of Emacs?
In my opinion,i have to rewrite this part of Makefile
debug: gdb-config $(TARGET).elf
ifeq ($(DEBUG_BACKEND), avarice)
@echo Starting AVaRICE - Press enter when "waiting to connect" message displays.
        @$(WINSHELL) /c start avarice --jtag $(JTAG_DEV) --erase --program 
--file \
        $(TARGET).elf $(DEBUG_HOST):$(DEBUG_PORT)
        @$(WINSHELL) /c pause
        @$(WINSHELL) /c start simulavr --gdbserver --device $(MCU) --clock-freq 
        $(DEBUG_MFREQ) --port $(DEBUG_PORT)
        @$(WINSHELL) /c start avr-$(DEBUG_UI) --command=$(GDBINIT_FILE)

I have googled and tried to change the Makefile myself,but it does't work.

Thanks much in advance...
Best regards to all.

Glen Jackson, from China

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