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RE: [avr-chat] minimal target board with an ISP header?

From: Dave Harper
Subject: RE: [avr-chat] minimal target board with an ISP header?
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 18:16:19 -0500

How about the Butterfly?  It's based on the Mega169 instead of the Mega168
but it has the ISP header (plus JTAG header) and brings out two 8 port
headers (on the same side of the board).  You could combine them into a
single cable if needed.


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> Subject: [avr-chat] minimal target board with an ISP header?
> Our local robot club is tinkering with a club bot based on the
> ATmega168.  We want a decent solderless breadboard area for mucking
> about with sensor & effector circuitry, but the bots are small, and
> the 28-pin AVR chip plus another six rows for connecting the ISP
> doesn't leave a lot of room for much else.
> So, we've kicked around the idea of moving the AVR chip off the
> breadboard onto its own little board, ideally one that would bring its
> pins out to a 2x14 female header that we could position next to the
> breadboard, so as to run breadboard wires between them.
> But for this application we really need to minimize size and cost.
> The ideal carrier board would provide the chip socket, 20 MHz
> oscillator, female header, and a 6-pin ISP header, and that's about
> it.  Maybe voltage regulation could live there too, but I also
> wouldn't mind keeping that separate.
> Just to show I've done some homework, I've found Evil Mad Scientist's
> article on minimal target boards:
>     <http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/avrtargetboards>
> which does a good job of showing how to make your own, but as this is
> a kit we'd rather buy a board off the shelf.  I found Lady Ada's
> musings:
>     <http://www.ladyada.net/rant/2007/08/idea-solderless-breadboard-
> arduino-clone/
>  >
> though it's a little over-featured for our application.  So's the BBB:
>     <http://moderndevice.com/>
> Now, the RBBB is more like it, but lacks the programming header, and
> doesn't bring the pins all out to one side (which we would prefer so
> that breadboard wires don't have to stretch over the chip):
>     <http://moderndevice.com/RBBB_revB.shtml> and
> <http://wulfden.org/freeduino/freeduino.shtml
>  >
> Any recommendations of other minimal boards we should consider?
> Thanks,
> - Joe
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