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Re: [avr-chat] JTAG Debug

From: David VanHorn
Subject: Re: [avr-chat] JTAG Debug
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 18:20:18 -0500

> Not really.  The AVR Assembler is supported,

For a loose enough definition of "supported".. :)

> so if you encounter a problem with it, you can ask for support.

Yes.  Ask, and ask, and ask..

> (Another question though is
> that it might lack some features, in particular it's an absolute
> assembler only, no relocation model available.)

I've never had any issue with that.

>> Basically, something like this:
>> R16=0 at this point
>> ldi r16,$AA
>> R16 still = 0
> Sorry, I can't follow you on that.  If things like this one would not
> work, no C compiler could produce runnable code.  (OK, C compilers
> don't use the Atmel assembler...)

Register 16 had 0 in it (or some other value, dosen't matter)
execute the instruction LDI R16,$AA
after the instruction "executes", R16 still has the original value.

This is solely a debugging problem, I know the code works, but if
you're using the ICE for anything other than a code loader, you'll
want to single step through the code at some point.. When the ice is
giving you nonsense, how can you debug?

The answer at this point, is that the ices are useless, and you just
do "crash and burn" with printf or similar to figure out what's

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