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Re: [avr-chat] JTAG Debug

From: David VanHorn
Subject: Re: [avr-chat] JTAG Debug
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 08:17:04 -0500

> CodeWarrior lied to me yesterday. Said the contents of a variable did not
> change when I knew it had. The contents of its address were as expected but
> the symbolic value had the previous value.

The frustrating thing for me, is that the tools will work well some
days, and not on others, with no apparent reason.  When they start
having problems, it may last for a minute, an hour, or days.
So I can't know wether I'll actually be able to use them at any given
point, and my main worry in productivity isn't anything related to the
actual job at hand.

I'm willing to do anything I can to help resolve this, but I've yet to
receive any guidance from Atmel on what that might be.

Since about early 2002, the only reliable debugging tools I have, are
my DSO, and a few routines that I stick in the processor to output
state information on spare pins (when I HAVE them..), or a serial port
(when I have that..)

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