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Re: [avr-chat] HI

From: Stuart Longland
Subject: Re: [avr-chat] HI
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2016 15:00:39 +1000
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On 01/03/16 13:33, Girisha A B wrote:
>         I Have MBED .. Can i use avrdude to program via MBED ?

MBED is ARM isn't it (seem to recall it being based on some NXP part)?
Maybe if the project was called ARMDude.  Otherwise, that's more the
domain of projects like openocd.

Or you use a device firmware upload bootloader on the chip.

I'm happy to be corrected, but my understanding is that AVRDude is
targeted at AVR microcontrollers, not ARM.
Stuart Longland (aka Redhatter, VK4MSL)

I haven't lost my mind...
  ...it's backed up on a tape somewhere.

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