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Re: Warning from avr-gcc

From: dvalin
Subject: Re: Warning from avr-gcc
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2021 19:46:26 +1030

On 24.03.21 09:17, Bob von Knobloch wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> thanks for the reply.
> There are 2 things:
> 1 '-z relro'
> This, as far as I can determine, is purely cosmetic and can be ignored once
> one knows this.
> 2. Non-compilation of an old project.
> I took my 'link.ld' (which had been carefully crafted - with your help) and
> cut and pasted my parts into a new default linkscript for the correct AVR
> family and this works fine.
> The mismatch of old linkscript and new linker was putting code at location
> '0' (where the vectors should be. I didn't investigate further, as it seems
> pointless. Compiling a project without externally linked code is fine in
> both cases.

Ah, yes, the gcc-internal linker script may change between versions for
any number of reasons. Comparing your custom script with the default script
generated by a new avr-gcc is quick: $ avr-ld -mavr6 --verbose | more
should come close to the Mega1284 memory layout.

> Hope you didn't get hit by the flooding (I've forgotten your exact location
> and it's a big country):
> All the best,

Here, down in Victoria, my concern is that the farm's best dam is over
4m down, with only a foot of water in it. I.e. barely enough rain to keep
the grass green even in this La Niña year. That augurs poorly for coming
years. My brother, up in NSW, had over 300 mm of rain in 2 days. Others
had over 1m in a week, with houses sailing by, cars becoming submarines,
and cows lobbing up on the coast. He had lived only 5m above sea level,
well up the Hawkesbury river, so worse still, but with some persistent
prodding he's now on top of a hill on 11 acres with cataracts fountaining
down rocky streams through the forest this week. For those on hills,
it's better than the bushfires. Lowlanders will have to move in coming
decades, as their homes are already uninsurable or now have a $30,000
annual premium, which is the same.

Good luck with the toolchain update.


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