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[bug-anubis] 'remote' usage of anubis

From: Jim Cheetham
Subject: [bug-anubis] 'remote' usage of anubis
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 16:32:32 +1200

Anubis runs fine on my workstation, doing the Right Thing to my outgoing

However, I have a number of different email-sending machines, not all of
which are capable of running Anubis, and I'd like them to benefit from
the facilities ...

So I thought I'd install Anubis on the SMTP server machine itself, which
works OK when I am logged in, and can provide a valid identd response.

But sometimes I cannot provide ident data, because the workstation does
not support it (e.g. mobile phone). As far as I can see, Anubis will not
allow me to connect ... which is a shame. The SMTP server uses an
authenticated login - is there some way I can authenticate myself to
Anubis, so that it will access my $HOME/.anubisrc ?

Jim Cheetham
Systems Administrator, eCOSM Limited.
Phone +64 3 365 4176 | Mobile +64 21 314 158

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