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[bug-anubis] GNU Anubis 3.9.96 available

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: [bug-anubis] GNU Anubis 3.9.96 available
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 10:51:08 +0300


GNU Anubis Team is pleased to announce the release of Anubis
version 3.9.96. The distribution is available from anonymous ftp
ftp://mirddin.farlep.net/pub/alpha/anubis. The tarballs and their
corresponding MD5 sums are:

  anubis-3.9.96.tar.gz      7c2dd4cf1c3632acd2fe86f1a604b047
  anubis-3.9.96.tar.gz.sig  1514bcb2b9fb36d06d8847fd977a742b

New in this version:

* New format of plain text databases allows for inclusion of empty
* Added test cases for the AUTH mode (a.k.a. Dixie).
* The GPGME support has been rewritten to work with GPGME 0.9.0 and
* XELO extension has been implemented to speed up the interaction
  between Anubis daemon and anubisusr utility.
* Checking user configuration file on remote machine is much faster
  due to the use of MD5 sums instead of transferring the entire file
  contents for comparison.

Thanks to all of you who helped us with this release by testing,
reporting bugs and sending propositions.


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