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[bug-anubis] Re: GUILE invocation of entire-msg-filter

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: [bug-anubis] Re: GUILE invocation of entire-msg-filter
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 17:18:45 +0200

Claudio/vecnaek idatzi du 25/03/2005:

> ERROR: In procedure scm_lookup:\n ERROR: unbound variable:
> entire-msg-filter
> SIGCHLD and premature brokening of connection, causing emails client
> error.
> what's happens ? :)

Anubis is not able to authenticate the incoming connection, so it switches
to the user `nobody' and is therefore unable to read entire-msg.scm. Due
to the limited privileges it cannot issue proper diagnostics as well.

Solution: Make sure the authentication mechanism works
properly. If you are using the traditional method, make sure the
remote party has identd installed and its port is not blocked by
any firewalls. To check, try connecting from *anubis server* machine
to *client* machine on port 113 (default auth port).

If you are using smtp auth mechanism, make sure the client settings
agree with those used by Anubis.


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