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Re: [bug-anubis] Anubis reads '.signatur' instead of '.signature' (patch

From: Marcel van der Boom
Subject: Re: [bug-anubis] Anubis reads '.signatur' instead of '.signature' (patch inline)
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2014 10:59:36 +0100

On zo 14-dec-2014 09:35
Sergey Poznyakoff <address@hidden> wrote:

> [...]
>> I noticed Anubis is not yet unicode/utf-8 capable (my
>> normal .signature contains some unicode characters) Are there plans
>> to include support for that?
> Well, in fact it is not encoding-aware, so it should pass all
> characters unchanged.  What difficulties are you having with your
> signature text?

What works:

- having Anubis insert .signature and *not* pgp/mime signing the mail
  (by anubis)
- having my MUA insert .signature solves the issue (but obviously not
  what i want)

So, a line which calls 'entire-msg-filter' seems to be in the way,
I use something like this:

   guile-process entire-msg-filter \
      /home/mrb/bin/mimegpg -s -- \
      --local-user <pgp ID here> \
      --passphrase <pass here> --no-tty

Which adds my pgp/mime signature.

If that line is present, the region inserted by .signature gets all
bytes in the unicode replaced by a question mark. The odd thing
however is that the same content in the message itself passes through


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