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Bug in sed that causes configure script problem (Windows NT - cygwin)

From: Clark Cooper
Subject: Bug in sed that causes configure script problem (Windows NT - cygwin)
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:44:52 -0400

I'm working on a project at SourceForge that is using the autoconf
utility. The generated configure script uses the sed utility heavily.
In some places, the configure script writes sed operations to a file
and then calls sed with the '-f' switch which reads the file.

My configuration script was generated using autoconf 2.13 on a Linux system.
(Red Hat 6.2, kernel 2.2.14).

On Windows NT, using cgwin 1.0.6 and sed version 3.02 this script fails since
sed interprets the carriage return (as part of the CRLF line ending under
Windows) as an unrecognized operator/flag. I verified this by taking the
same sed script file and replacing CRLF with just LF. The script then

I'm amazed and skeptical that I would be the first to run into this problem.
Have I perhaps missed some autoconf macro or failed to set up the environment
on the NT system properly?

If not and I'm truly the first to report this, here's a patch to sed
that should fix the problem. I can't tell if it really fixes the problem
since sed itself uses a configure script that fails in exactly the same way.

*** compile.c.orig      Mon Sep 25 11:43:16 2000
--- compile.c   Mon Sep 25 11:05:46 2000
*** 938,943 ****
--- 938,944 ----
        case EOF:
+       case '\r':
        case '\n':
        case ';':
        return caseless;

Clark Cooper            Software Engineer       Home:   address@hidden
                        Schenectady, NY USA     Work:   address@hidden

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