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RE: Argument quoting problem when processing config_subdirs

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: RE: Argument quoting problem when processing config_subdirs
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 19:08:05 +0100

> Sorry, I don't know what your patch is addressing, didn't look
> precisely (there is no ChangeLog), but anyway if you need this, your
> patch is wrong somewhere.
Sorry about the lack of a ChangeLog - that was an oversight.

The problem is DOS-style paths (using backslashes as dirseps).
When the args passed to configure are passed back to the shell, this
leads to problems, as the backslashes are treated as escapes. This
happens in two situations:

1) when running config.status --recheck
2) when configuring in subdirs

Configure already does the right thing for situation 1: it walks
through the list of args and quotes them where needed (in

However, case 2) is broken in two ways:

1) if _AC_INIT_PREPARE quoted --srcdir or --cache-file, these options
   are not matched by the 'case' at the start of _AC_OUTPUT_SRCDIRS.
2) When adding --srcdir and --cache-file options to the sub-configure,
   no quoting is performed.

My patch (well, the last one anyway - apologies for the many stupid
oversights in the first few) addressed both problems by adding the
appropriate patterns to the 'case' and by using the same technique
used in _AC_INIT_PREPARE to quote the generated --srcdir and

While the first problem _might_ be a problem with the DJGPP port of
bash (though I doubt it), the second one is certainly a valid issue.

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