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make check

From: DanieL Machado
Subject: make check
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 19:18:30 -0300 (BRT)


i dont know if it's a bug ( probally not ) but, how you sad that i've to
send to you any different message, and than.

Low level compiling/preprocessing macros.

 31: compile.at:14     ok
 32: compile.at:75     ok
 33: compile.at:87     ok
 34: compile.at:115    ok
 35: compile.at:128    ok
 36: compile.at:139    ok
 37: compile.at:169    ok
 38: compile.at:207    ok
 39: compile.at:229    ok (skipped near `compile.at:229')


Because my Penguin kills your Deamon and breakes your Windows.

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